Welcome to the INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network

INSEAD has long had a strong presence in the healthcare industry. Our alumni are active in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices and healthcare services as well as healthcare-focused consulting, banking and private equity. They work on six continents and include the CEOs of over 50 healthcare companies.

The INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network serves the interests of the more than 2000 alumni working in the healthcare industry and associated fields. It is our mission to encourage networking and discussion on healthcare topics across geographic boundaries and industry subsectors.

The INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organisation under Swiss law, and is run by a committee of alumni on a volunteer basis. It works closely with national healthcare alumni groups as well as INSEAD’s Healthcare Management Initiative.

Since 2009, the network organizes an annual international conference, the INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Summit.  Each year, up to 150 alumni and industry leaders gather to discuss trends in the business of healthcare and to take part in what has become a leading industry networking event.

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